NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 Servo Driver
NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 Servo Driver
NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 Servo Driver
NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 Servo Driver
NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 Servo Driver

NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 Servo Driver



Warranty: 3 months

Module Number: ESA-LYA1AF6-21

Product Description

  • The NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 is a servo driver manufactured by NSK Ltd., a Japanese company specializing in motion control and precision machinery.
  • The NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 servo driver is designed to provide precise control and positioning for servo motors in various industrial automation applications.
  • The NSK ESA-LYA1AF6-21 offer features such as high torque, high-speed response, and advanced control algorithms to achieve accurate and efficient motion control. They  include various control interfaces, such as analog or digital inputs, to communicate with higher-level control systems.

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