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Schneider Sepam C86 59745 series 80 Relay Device

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Warranty: 12 months

Module Number: Sepam C86 59745

Product Description: 

  • Relay application: Capacitor
  • Range of product
  • Sepam series 80
  • Sepam series 80 NPP
  • Device short name: C86
  • Control and monitoring type
    • Circuit breaker/contactor control ANSI code: 94/69 (option)
    • Latching/acknowledgement ANSI code: 86
    • Logic discrimination ANSI code: 68 (option)
    • Switching of groups of settings
    • Annunciation ANSI code: 30
    • Logipam programming (ladder language) (option)
    • Logic equation editor 200 operators
    • Capacitor step control (option)
  • Metering type
    • Positive sequence voltage Vd/rotation direction
    • Frequency
    • Calculated active and reactive energy (+/- W.h, +/- VAR.h)
    • Active and reactive energy by pulse counting (+/- W.h, +/- VAR.h) (option)
    • Phase current I1, I2, I3 RMS
    • Demand current I1, I2, I3
    • Peak demand current IM1, IM2, IM3
    • Voltage U21, U32, U13, V1, V2, V3
    • Residual voltage V0
    • Negative sequence voltage Vi
    • Active power P, P1, P2, P3
    • Reactive power Q, Q1, Q2, Q3
    • Apparent power S, S1, S2, S3
    • Peak demand power PM, QM
    • Power factor
    • Temperature (16 RTDs) (option)
    • Measured residual current I0, calculated I'0∑
  • Network and machine diagnosis type
    • Unbalance ratio/negative sequence current Ii
    • Disturbance recording
    • Thermal capacity used
    • Remaining operating time before overload tripping
    • Waiting time after overload tripping
    • Running hours counter/operating time
    • Tripping context
    • Phase fault and earth fault trip counters
    • Harmonic distortion (THD), current and voltage Ithd, Uthd
    • Apparent positive sequence impedance Zd
    • Apparent phase-to-phase impedances Z21, Z32, Z13
    • Capacitor unbalance current and capacitance
    • Phase displacement
    • Datalog (DLG)
  • Switchgear diagnosis type
    • Cumulative breaking current
    • CT/VT supervision ANSI code: 60FL
    • Trip circuit supervision ANSI code: 74 (option)
    • Auxiliary power supply monitoring
    • Nb of operations, operating time, charging time, nb of racking out operations (option)

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