Schneider ATV303HU40N4 Inverter

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Warranty:3 months
Module Number:ATV303HU40N4
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Product or component type:Variable speed drive
Product destination:Asynchronous motors
Product specific application:Simple machine
Assembly style:EnclosedWith heat sink
Component name:ATV303
Motor power kW:4 kW
[Us] rated supply voltage:380...460 V - 15...10 %
Supply frequency:50...60 Hz - 5...5 %
Network number of phases:3 phases
Line current:13.7 A at 380 V, Isc = 5 kA 11.4 A at 460 V
Apparent power:9.1 kVA
Maximum transient current: 14.3 A for 60 s 19 A for 2 s
Power dissipation in W:102.7 W at nominal load
Speed range:1…20
Asynchronous motor control profile:Quadratic voltage/frequency ratio Vector control with/without speed feedback Constant voltage/frequency ratio
Electrical connection:LI1...LI4 terminal 4 mm²
                                  L1, L2, L3, PA/+, PB, U, V, W terminal 4 mm²
                                  LO+, LO- terminal 4 mm²
                                  R1A, R1B, R1C terminal 4 mm²
                                  AO1 terminal 4 mm²
Internal supply for logic inputs: 19...30 V 100 mA, protection type: overload and short-circuit protection
Internal supply for reference potentiometer (2.2 to 10 kOhm): 10...10.8 V 10 mA,protection type: overload and short-circuit protection communication port protocol