ULVAC BPR2 Pirani Gauge Box Unit
ULVAC BPR2 Pirani Gauge Box Unit
ULVAC BPR2 Pirani Gauge Box Unit
ULVAC BPR2 Pirani Gauge Box Unit
ULVAC BPR2 Pirani Gauge Box Unit

ULVAC BPR2 Pirani Gauge Box Unit



Warranty: 3 months

Module Number: BPR2

Product Description

  • Transducer Spec
  • When the pressure display is not required, the following advantages can be realized:
  • Vacuum gauge cost is reduced because the display has been eliminated
  • Smaller size frees-up system control panel space Wiring is reduced
  • Maintainability: Easy to exchange gauge heads due to a special type of the gauge heads and circuits
  • Filament Material:platinum(Pt): Corrosion-resistant platinum is used as filament material
  • Able to Use Gauge Heads WP Series: You can use current gauge heads(WP-0102.0316.WPB-10)
  • Abie to Bake Heads: Able to bake the gauge heads due to a specialized type of gauge head and circuit (when you use WPB-10)
  • Controi Output Signal: Abie to output two set points
  • Serial Communication Spec: Include RS485 communication as standard equipment
  • Measured Value Output Signal: Pressure is 0 to 10V output (pseudo-log output)
  • Supply Voltage: Able to operate at 24VDC power input
  • Applications:
  • Process control in low vacuum range of vacuum equipment such as for semiconductor,optics and electronic parts manufacturing
  • Process control in the low vacuum range for industrial equipment such as vacuum furnaces,etc.
  • Process control in low pressure range for vacuum systems with muitiple process chambers such as in-line sputtering and single wafer processing equipment

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