What is the classification of Allen-Bradley Inverters?

Allen-Bradley Inverters provide flexible packaging for power supply, control, and operator interfaces to meet space, flexibility, and reliability requirements, as well as provide rich functionality, allowing users to easily assemble Inverters. It has the characteristics of flexibility, space saving, and convenient use, making it an economical choice for speed control in applications such as mechanical tools, fans, pumps, conveyor belts, and logistics processing systems. So what categories can Allen-Bradley Inverters be classified into?

  1. Low voltage AC Inverter
  • Low voltage Inverters provide a wide range of features and functional options, suitable for your various application requirements.
  • The power range is 0.25-3000 horsepower/0.2-2200 kW; Suitable for global voltages of 100-690 volts.
  • Supports induction and permanent magnet motor types.
  • Including communication and security functions.
  • It can seamlessly integrate with Logix control systems.


 Allen-Bradley 22F-B2P5N103 Inverter

  1. Medium voltage ACInverter
  • Medium voltage frequency converters can provide efficient motor control to meet various demanding application requirements:
  • The voltage range is 2.3-10 kV, and the motor current can reach up to 720A.
  • Provide air and liquid cooled versions.
  • Support high-performance torque control and achieve simple speed control.
  • Including communication, safety, and arc resistance functions.
  • It can seamlessly integrate with Logix control systems.



Allen-Bradley 22P-D045A103 AB400P Inverter



3.DC Inverter

  • DC Inverters can provide flexible and practical DC control solutions.
  • The power range is 1.5-1400 horsepower/1.2-1044 kW; Suitable for global voltages of 200-690 volts.
  • It can be flexibly configured according to your application.
  • Including special torque control suitable for lifting applications.
  • It can seamlessly integrate with Logix control systems.

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