Ultra3000 Digital Servo Drive Catalog Numbers

Catalog numbers consist of various characters, each of which identifies a specific option for that component. Use the catalog numbering chart below to understand the configuration of your drive. For questions regarding product availability, contact your Allen-Bradley distributor.
  Analysis of the symbolic symbol of 2098-DSD-HV150X-DN:
  2098:Bulletin Number
  DSD:Digital Servo Drive
  HV:Input Power (VAC)HV = High Voltage (230…480V AC)Blank = Standard (115…230V AC)
  150:Continuous Output Power 005=500W 030=3kW 100=10kW 010=1kW 050=5kW 150=15kW 020=2kW 075=7.5kW 220=22kWX:Indexing Capability X=Indexing Blank=No indexing
  SE:Connectivity Option DN=DeviceNet interface SE=SERCOS interface Blank=No network connectivity