UEC111 product features

The UEC111 compact inverters not only include the inverter, butalso a controller with PLC inputs/outputs and an integrated brakingresistor. They offer a complete solution for machines with a limitednumber of axes and
low power demands.

Position controller, speed controller, current controller
HSCI interface
Interfaces to the speed and position encoders

Power electronics
Connections for axis motors and spindle motor
Braking resistor
Connections for motor holding brakes
Additional DC-link connection on the front panel (for connectionof a PSL 130)

System PL:
Interfaces for one workpiece touch probe and one tool touchprobe
Integrated PLC (expandable with PL 61xx)UEC 11x: 38 free inputs, 23 free outputs(7 of which can be switched off)UEC 11xFS: 38 free inputs, 28 free outputs(7 of which can be switched off),8 free FS inputs, 8 free FS
Configuration with IOconfig PC software