The difference between PLC DCS SCADA

Rockss Automation long-term supply of world-renowned brands such as SiemensRockwell is PLC、DCS or SCADA.The difference between PLC is introduced below:
  The PLC system can program the controller, which is suitable for the measurement and control of the industrial site. The on-site measurement and control function is strong,the performance is stable,the reliability is high, the technology is mature, the use is wide, and the price is reasonable.
  The DCS system,that is a distribution worker control system, belongs to the large -scale control system of international advanced levels in the 1990s. It is suitable for industrial scenes with large number of measurement and control points, high measurement and control accuracy, and fast measurement and control speed. It is characterized by decentralized control and centralized surveillance. It has network communication capabilities, strong measurement and control functions, reliable operation, easy expansion, convenient configuration, easy operation and maintenance , But the price of the system is expensive.
  The SCADA system, that is, distributed data collection and monitoring system, is a small and medium -sized measurement and control system. It focuses on the two major advantages of the PLC system's on-site measurement and control function and the network communication capacity of the DCS system. The performance price is higher.