Technical FAQ of 4100-232-R

4100-232-R is a Allen-Bradley Servo Motor Controller,it has 2 Axes, a 90-132 or 175-264V AC Input Voltage, and 10 Dedicated Discrete Inputs. This unit contains Serial Port and Remote I/O Communication Options.

FAQ for 4100-232-R:

What is the number of Axes do the 4100-232-R capable of controlling?

Up to Two (2) motion axes is supported by the 4100-232-R.

What is the embedded communication interface of the 4100-232-R?

The 4100-232-R has an RS232 communication interface.

Does the 4100-232-R support communication with Flex I/O modules?

Yes. Utilizing RIO protocol, the 4100-232-R may communicate with a 1794-ASB wherein One (1) rack may be installed with up to Eight (8) modules.