Specifications for Allen-Bradley 1336-BDB-SP76D PCB

The Allen-Bradley 1336-BDB-SP76D is a PCB,gate drive,1336STEF with an F-frame.It has 460V and 450 HP of output. This 1336-BDB-SP76D base driver board is also an adjustable frequency drive that is a customizable replacement part for Allen-Bradley’s obsolete 1336-BDB-SP76A PCB gate drives.

The 1336-BDB-SP76D gate drive can be enclosed in a NEMA 1, 4, or 12 enclosure, both for protection and to support several analog, digital, blank, or programmer HIM (Human Interface Machines.) The 1336-BDB-SP76D’s enclosure can also take an EH2 locally-powered heater, an EH remotely-powered heater, EC filtered door openings, EG filters and gasketing, or a 12 or 14-inch floor stand. Users can customize the gate drive’s enclosure with 1, 2, or 3 special paint colors and an enclosure nameplate.

The 1336-BDB-SP76D communicates with other devices through a variety of possible DeviceNet and RS-232 ports. The possible DeviceNet ports are the GM5C port, the GM6C enhanced port, the GMS5C port, and the GMS6C enhanced DeviceNet port. The RS-232/422/485 DF1 port options include the GD2C and the GMS2C ports. The 1336-BDB-SP76D gate drive can also communicate through the GD1C, the GM1C, and the GMS1C single-point RIO ports.

There are dozens of options that users can choose from to customize their 1336-BDB-SP76D PCB gate drives. In addition to the enclosure and communication port options, users can choose different types of input and output reactors, motor heater controllers, line metering systems, analog I/O configurations, and RTD protection features. Some of the features have the option of running on remote power or on local power.