SIMATIC HMI Panels Features

SIMATIC HMI Panels have been tried and tested in themost various applications throughout all sectors foryears. They not only feature an innovative design andhigh performance-as a unique highlight, they can beconfigured via SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal. Users canthus benefit from unprecedented engineering efficiency.

Integrated functionality across all display sizes
The hardware’s functionality is identical throughout adevice range. Simply select the optimum display size foryour application and choose between operation via touchscreen and/or keys. As the software is scalable,you canstart with a small solution and further expand it any timeas required-for example by increasing the number of tagsor variables.Innovative graphical user interfaces open up completelynew possibilities in terms of intuitive operation and monitoring.

Integrated functionality across all display sizes
• SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels:First choice for demanding applications
• SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels:Basic functions for simple HMI applications
• SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels:Power and safety in your hands
• SIMATIC HMI Key Panels:Innovative operator panels-for turnkey operation

Unique engineering efficiency
SIMATIC HMI Panels can be intuitively configured in theTIA Portal via the scalable SIMATIC WinCC software. Thisresults in increased engineering efficiency when furthercomponents from the Totally Integrated Automationportfolio are used-e.g.SIMATIC controllers.The perfectinteraction with STEP 7 does away with multiple entriesand ensures maximum data consistency.

Long-term value maintenance

SIEMENS SIMATIC products facilitate long-term investment protection.Existing projects can be easily and directly migrated tothe successor product. Following the phase-out period ofa model range, we support you with long-term spare partsavailability. Moreover, the matching accessories for eachproduct are available throughout the entire product lifecycle.