Siemens SINAMICS S120 AC Drive Application Analysis

SINAMICS S120 AC Drive is a modular drive system for individual axes and
addressessophisticated drive tasks for an extremely wide range of industrial
applications,Applications include:

● Machine concepts with a central drive (e.g. presses, printing, packaging)

● Modular machine concepts where the machine modules were broken down into singleaxes

● Single-motor drives that when compared to standard drives have a high accuracy,stability and smooth running requirements in machinery and industrial plant construction

● Single-motor drives for transport applications (conveying, raising, lowering)

● Drives without regenerative feedback into the line supply (wire-drawing, extruding)

● Drive groups with high requirements placed on the availability (when the infeed fails,thismay not cause all of the axes to fail)The combination of a power unit (Power Module) and a Control Unit (CU) or a Control UnitAdapter form a single-motor drive in a compact design for machinery and plant construction.SIZER, a high-performance engineering tool, makes it easier to choose and determine theoptimum drive configuration. The drive can be simply commissioned a user-friendly fashionusing the STARTER commissioning tool.

Siemens SINAMICS S120 AC Drive is supplemented by a wide range of motors.Whethersynchronous or induction, whether rotary or linear motors, all motor types are supported bySINAMICS S120 AC Drive.

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