Sepam T40 relay Accessory connection principle

Sepam T40 is Schneider Series 40 relay device,The following introduces this kind of equipment's Accessory connection principle.
  1 LPCT sensor, equipped with a shielded cable fitted with a yellow RJ 45 plug which is plugged directly into the CCA670/CCA671 connector.
  2 Sepam protection unit.
  3 CCA670/CCA671 connector, LPCT voltage interface, with microswitch setting of rated current:
  b CCA670: lateral plugs for Sepam series 20 and Sepam series 40
  b CCA671: radial plugs for Sepam series 60 and Sepam series 80.
  4 CCA613 remote test plug, flush-mounted on the front of the cubicle and equipped with a 3-meter (9.8 ft) cord to be plugged into the test plug of the CCA670/CCA671 interface connector (9-pin sub-D).
  5 ACE917 injection adapter, to test the LPCT protection chain with a standard injection box.
  6 Standard injection box.