Sedomat 2600+ Concept

Sedomat 2600+ is Sedomat Touchscreen Controller,Below is the product Concept:

1 Controller for All Dye Machines.the Configurable International I/Omarches the Requirements ofdifferen Types of Dyeing Machines.

PC BASED: Built Around a HighPerFormance State of the Art PC-CPUBOARD.

Color Touch Screen: IntuitiveUser Interface, Easily Adopted Byoperators. Any Function (Heating, FILLING, ETC.) can be activated touching this function TheScreen. Push Buttons on Screenreplace Push Buttons on Panel.

USB Interface: For Inexpensivedevices Like Memory Keys (Copy/Save Program) and Other PCperipherals.

Internet technology (Integrated Webserver): for Remote Access from Anypc in the Plant Network.

Windows CE: Robust OperatingSystem Tailored for IndustrialLapplications.

Ethernet TCP/ip Network: Link Tosedomaster and Communicationwith Other Dye House Systems.

Profibus DP Interface: To Link Remotei/O Modules (E. G. SEDOIO-P, Profi16 and Profi 32), Invertors, ETC.

OPC: Ole for Process Control: Integration with Supervisory Systems.

Internet PLC and PC ProgrammingTools for 100% Adaptation to thefeatures of your Dyeing Machine.

Can be used as data acquisitionterminal.

Options: -BarCode Reader for TrackingPurPoses-USB Memory Stick-USB Interface Extension withpanel Wall Connecture.