Schneider Sepam series 40 Product Transportation and storage conditions

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Sepam series 40 Transportation and storage conditions


Sepam placed in the original packaging box and placed in the right place
Points can be stored for several years:
Temperature: -25°C~70°C
Humidity: 90 %.
The packaging box and the ambient temperature should be checked regularly.
Once the sepam is opened, it should be opened as soon as possible Electricity.
Sepam installed in the distribution disk

Transport: For ordinary power distribution disks, use general transportation Just lose method. If the transportation time is long, you should take the test Fantastic storage.

If SEPAM falls off from the power distribution disk, visual inspection is connected Electrical inspection.

Keep as much as possible to keep the protection packaging packaging.
all. Sepam and all electrical components one In the same way, stored in a humid environment cannot exceed one A month. Sepam should be powered on as soon as possible. If not To power, the power distribution disk heating system should be turned on.