PVR5011HB275RK X1KC3658 PVR5eco Module Installation instructions

PVR5011HB275RK X1/KC3658 is a HOERBIGER PVR5eco Module,Share the product below Installation instructions:

The supply voltage must be between 21V and 35V DC. The remaining ripple should be <5%. The current build-up speed at a load change between 0 and 100% must be ≤1 ms so that the current regulation can generate the valve dynamic ratio.

The amplifier also includes a processor which must be constantly supplied with power to guarantee proper functioning.

Therefor, the supply voltage must not be switched off during normal operation!

Safety circuits are to be designed accordingly!

Use a shielded cable for all signal lines.

The ground of the set value signal is to be run separately.

The external set value must not permanently exceed the limit values indicated, as this would result in serious damage to the amplifier.

The lines may not be layed parallel with power circuits.

Conductors to be connected according to the plug strip recommended are „e“single-wire, e.g. H05(07)V-U 0.5 … 1.5mm², „f“ fine-wire, e.g. H05(07)V-K 0.5… 1.5 mm², „f“ with wire end ferrule according to DIN 46228/1 0.5 … 1.5 mm².