PM3328B-6-1-3-E power application

PM3328B-6-1-3-E can be used for remote opening/level and its external control circuit.

Industrial applications such as welding robots, high-frequency places, tool machines, and electrolytes usually need to work in harsh environments, which requires the power supply to provide high power without ventilation. In this case, it is applied by conduction cooling, so the power supply must be designed to ensure high levels of performance and optimize to eliminate hotspots. In addition, industrial equipment can be installed around the world, from 200 to 400 volt power grids. In order to reduce the single-phase peak load and optimize the network load balance, the system architect favors the three-phase power solution. COSEL's HCA3500TF is designed for this solution, which can adapt to three -phase three -line triangle or three -phase three -line star installation.

The input voltage range of HCA3500TF is 180 to 528VAC, which can provide two different output voltage: 48VDC/73A, and the built -in potential can be adjusted in the range of 33.60 to 55.20VDC. ; For the 65VDC/54A model, under the nominal working conditions, it can be adjusted in the range of 45.50 to 74.75VDC and 32.50 to 74.75VDC, respectively.

In addition to the main output, the HCA3500TF also includes a 12V DC/1A auxiliary output, which can be used for remote opening/level and its external control circuit. Auxiliary output isolate input, output and functional grounding.

In order to ensure the efficiency and thermal stability of the highest level, HCA3500TF uses the optimized digital control switch topology and the power level with silicon carbide (SIC) MOSFET and diode. Under 400VAC input, the efficiency of the 65V output mode is as high as 94%.

HCA3500TF includes wave current restriction circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage protection and thermal protection. This power supply has multifunctional and stability, and can work within the environmental temperature range of -10 to+70C. The substrate temperature is 0 to+55C. According to the final device assembly type and cooling conditions, the rated value may be reduced.