MVME3100 single-board computer Advantage

The MVME3100 single-boardcomputer (SBC) gives additionalperformance while protectingyour investment.

ƒSystem-on-chip NXP MPC8540 withPowerPC® e500 processor core, integratedmemory controller, DMA engine, PCI-Xinterface, Ethernet and local I/O

Two Gigabit Ethernet ports plus anadditional 10/100BaseTX port

Up to 512MB of DDR333 ECC memory

USB 2.0 and Serial ATA controllers forintegrating cost-effective peripherals

2eSST VMEbus protocol offeringinteroperability with products such as theMVME6100 at higher bandwidths

Dual 33/66/100MHz PMC-X sites forexpansion via industry standard modules,support for processor PMCs and PMCspan

MVME721 direct-connect rear transitionmodule (RTM) for I/O routing through rear ofcompact VMEbus chassis