MVME167P High-performance single-board in a CISC-based system

Below High-performance single-board computer in a CISC-based system:

Motorola’s MVME167P single-board computer represents the functionality, flexibility, and performance of a CISC-based system. Based on the Motorola MC68040, the MVME167P combines a microprocessor with the memory management and floating-point units. This outstanding processing speed and floating-point performance makes the MVME167P an ideal solution for scientific and industrial applications.

The inclusion of the new “Petra” application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which replaces functions formerly implemented in the MCECC chip, improves the performance of the memory subsystem. Memory configuration switches enable the customer to tailor memory size for applications requiring smaller memory configurations.

The MVME167P’s compatibility with existing M68000 family software offers CISC-based software environments the ability to realize near-RISC performance levels while maintaining object code compatibility with existing software platforms.

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