MVME147 VME Single-Board Computer Composition

The MVME147 series is a family of VMEbus single-board computers. The on-board resources and peripheral controllers eliminate the need for additional modules in the VMEbus backplane thus reducing costs and freeing up valuable bus slots for additional functions.

♦ 16, 25, or 33.33 MHz MC68030 enhanced 32-bit microprocessor

♦ 16, 25, or 33.33 MHz MC68882 floatingpoint co-processor

♦ 4, 8, 16, or 32MB of shared DRAM, with programmable parity

♦ 4K x 8 SRAM and time-of-day clock with battery backup

♦ Four 28/32-pin ROM/PROM/EPROM/EEPROM sockets, 16 bits wide

♦ A32/D32 VMEbus master/slave interface with system controller function

♦ Four EIA-232-D serial communications ports

♦ Centronics® compatible printer port

♦ Two 16-bit timers and watchdog timer

♦ SCSI bus interface with DMA

♦ Ethernet transceiver interface

♦ 4-level requester, 7-level interrupter, and 7-level interrupt handler for VMEbus

♦ On-board debugger and diagnostic firmware