Rockss Automation supplies various MOTOROLA MVME2100 Product in stock:01-W3403F03M-84-W8403F01E etc.

about MVME2100 Details:

PC•MIP ExpansionTo maximize I/O expansion flexibility, the MVME2100 features a combination of PC•MIP and PMC slots. PC•MIP is a new mezzanine standard that combines the benefits of the small form factor of IndustryPack with the performance of PCI. The PC•MIP specification is in draft form before the VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA) Standards Organization as VITA 29.

The MVME2100 provides one Type I PC•MIP slot with rear I/O via the P2 connector and two Type II PC•MIP slots with front panel I/O. The two Type II slots can accept either one double-wide or two single-wide PC•MIP cards.

PMC Expansion
In addition to three PC•MIP slots, the MVME2100 provides one IEEE P1386.1 compliant PMC slot that supports both front-panel and P2 I/O, and a mating connector to a PMC expansion mezzanine for applications requiring more real estate.

VME64 Extension Connectors
To maximize the capabilities of the MVME2100, 5-row, 160-pin DIN connectors replace the 3-row, 96-pin connectors historically used on VME for P1 and P2. Two rows, Z and D, have been added to the VME P1/J1 and P2/J2 connectors providing a user with additional I/O. The VME64 extension connector is 100 percent backward compatible with existing VME card systems.

Front Panel Handle Options
Part of the VME64x specification defines the use of new injector/extractor handles as defined by IEEE 1101.10. A primary benefit of this handle type is easier insertion and ejection of the VME board into and out of a backplane. Motorola offers versions of our products that are compatible with this standard.
n addition, we provide versions with the small Scanbe handles traditionally provided on VME. Consult your sales representative for part numbers and ordering details.