MOTOROLA MVME162 Advantages and Features

MOTOROLA MVME162 main Advantages:

The MVME162 family provides OEMs and solutions developers an ideal platform for embedded monitoring and controlapplications . It allows an OEM to minimize engineering expenses while integrating value-added hardware and software applications onto an off-the-shelf product.

In order to provide this wide range of solutions,the MVME162 allows a variety of MPU, memory, and interface options such as floating-point,Ethernet,SCSI,and VME.The result is a variation of the MVME162 which most closely fits the application requirement.

MOTOROLA MVME162 main Features:

32 MHz MC68040 enhanced 32-bitmicroprocessor with 8KB of cache, andMMU and FPU

Optional 25 MHz MC68040 32-bitmicroprocessor with 8KB of cache, MMU,and FPU

Optional 25 MHz MC68LC040 enhanced32-bit microprocessor with 8KB of cacheand MMU

A32/D64 VMEbus master/slave interfacewith system controller function

High-performance DMA support forVMEbus D64 and local bus memory burstcycles

4, 8 or 16MB of shared DRAM
512KB SRAM with battery backup
1MB Flash memory for on-boardmonitor/debugger or user installed firmware
8K x 8 NVRAM and time-of-day clock withbattery backup
Two serial communication ports, consoleport as EIA-232-D DTE and second portuser configurable for EIA-232-D/EIA-422(V.36) DTE/DCE
Four 16- or 32-bit IndustryPack® ports withone DMA channel per port
Six 32-bit timers (four without VMEbus) andwatchdog timer
Optional SCSI bus interface with 32-bitlocal bus burst DMA
Optional Ethernet transceiver interface with32-bit local bus DMA
One 32-pin PLCC EPROM socket
Four-level requester, seven-level interrupter,and seven-level interrupt handler forVMEbus
Remote RESET/ABORT/STATUS controlfunctions
On-board debugger and diagnosticfirmware

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