MKS ASTEX 0190-72072 Remote Plasma Source (RPS) ASTRON

0190-72072 is AKT FI80146 MKS ASTRON hf,The MKS ASTEX® Remote Plasma Source (RPS) ASTRON is mainly used in CVD and PVD process as a plasma clean technology which use a separate plasma discharge upstream of the deposition chamber.

Available for AMAT® Endura / Centura / Producer and for LAM®/NOVELLUS® and SPTS® multi-wafer deposition systems

As the leading service supplier for MKS RPS , Global Technologies is providing a unique and complete overhaul service air for all MKS ASTEX® ASTRON Remote Plasma Source.

During the refurbishment of Remote Plasma Source (RPS) we perform the anodization of Process chamber (based on OEM specification) made with higher thicknessto extend lifetime.

The repair process of RPS includes precise dimensional controls and replacement of all defective parts and power parts as a preventive measure against failure

To manage minimum production downtime, Global

Technologies proposes exchange options and Emergency service.