MHDA1056N00 Lexium 17D Servo Drive Overview

Each member of the Schneider Lexium 17D series family is comprised of a three-phase brushless servo amplifier, power supply and high-performance digital controller all housed in a single enclosure.

The 17D drives are available in five models which are correlated to different output current levels as identified.

MHDA1004•00(4A) MHDA1008•00(8A) MHDA1017•00(17A) MHDA1028•00(28A) MHDA1056•00(56A)

The Lexium 17D servo drives are intended for incorporation into electrical equipment or machinery and can only be commissioned as integral components of those types of devices.

The Lexium 17D servo drives are intended to drive BPH and SER series brushless servo motors.

The Lexium 17D family of servo amplifiers is only intended to drive specific brushless synchronous servomotors from the Lexium BPH series, with closed-loop control of torque, speed and/or position. The dielectric
withstand voltage of the motors must be at least as hight as the DC-link voltage of the servo amplifier.