Main functions of TVD1.3-08-03

Rockss Automation High-quality spot supply Indramat TVD1.3-08-03 Power Supply Modules,Let's share below Main functions of the TVD 1.3:

Power supply to thedrives:The high-voltage link rectifies the three-phase mains AC and provides aregulated DC bus circuit voltage for the power feed to the drives. A buffercapacitor takes care of any necessary smoothing.When the drives
are in generator mode, the regenerated power is absorbedby the bleeder resistor and transformed into heat.The drives can be disconnected from the mains by the TVD's internal powercontactor.

Supply to theelectronics:The TVD 1.3 provides the +24VL and +/-15VM for all connected drivemodules.In the event of a power failure, the signal voltages are supplied from the DCbus circuit. Therefore, as the drives operate as a generator,
the electronics ofthe drives remain functional.

Drive systemmonitoring:The TVD 1.3 is equipped with extensive monitoring functions. Thesecommunicate with the drive modules via the wire ribbon cable.The Bb1 contact is critical to the ready state of the drive system. The powercontactor
cannot be energized until the Bb1 contact is closed.