LENZE 8200 vector series Inverter use security matters

Rockss Automation Long-term supply Lenze 8200 Series Frequency Inverter and other Vector,Take E82EV222K4C000 as an example below sharing use security matters:

Before working on the drive controller, check whether all power terminals, the relay output, and the pins of the FIF interface are dead, because:

1.the power terminals U, V, W, +UG, −UG, BR1 and BR2 still carry dangerous voltage for at least 3 minutes.

2.the power terminals L1, L2, L3; U, V, W, +UG, −UG, BR1 and BR2 carry dangerous voltage when the motor is stopped.

3.the relay outputs K11, K12, K14 can carry dangerous voltage when the drive controller is disconnected from the mains.

If you don’t use the fail−safe function selection of direction of rotation" via the digital signal DCTRL1−CW/CCW, (C0007 = 0 ... 13, C0410/3 255):

In case of open circuit or failure of the control voltage, the drive may change the direction of rotation.

If you use the function "flying restart circuit" (C0142 = 2, 3) for machines with a low moment of inertia and low friction:

After controller enable has been effected in the standstill status, the motor may temporarily start up, or change direction of rotation.

The operating temperature of the heatsink on the drive controller is > 80 °C:

Skin contact with the heatsink causes burns.