Kollmorgen SERVOSTAR 400 Package supplied

If you order a Kollmorgen SERVOSTAR 400 series amplifier from us, you will receive:
  SERVOSTAR 4xxM (master)
  Mating connectors for X0, X1, X3, X6
  Protective cover for the axis-side (required only once per system)
  SERVOSTAR 4xxA (axis module)
  Mating connector for X3, X6
  The mating SubD connectors are not part of the package supplied!
  Electrical add-on fan (for max. 2 axes, required for SERVOSTAR 4x6)
  Synchronous servomotor (linear or rotary)
  Motor lead (pre-assembled), or motor cable as cut-off length + loose connectors(motor- and amplifier-side)
  Feedback cable (pre-assembled) or both feedback connectors, loose withfeedback cable as cut-off length
  External brake resistor BAR(U)
  Communication cable to PC ( p.74) for parameterizing the master and anyattached axis modules
  Power cable, control cables, fieldbus cables (as lengths)
  We have long supplying various types of Kollmorgen servo drivers,for example SERVOSTAR 406A-P,I hope you can help you when you have a need.