Kollmorgen S6000 Series Features

The standard Kollmorgen S6000 drive offers the following features:
• Dial selectable motor current settings (0-6.0 Amps)
• 0.0-8.0 amp version available for NEMA 42 and larger applications
• 8 Amp versions include a factory installed fan kit
• Dial selectable motor inductance setting (2-60mH)
• Eight dial selectable motor resolutions (200-25,400 steps per revolution)
• Selectable waveform (Pure sine, or -4% 3rd harmonic) for optimum smoothness/step accuracy
• Selectable auto-standby current reduction to reduce drive and motor heating
• Selectable anti-resonance compensation provides more usable motor torque
• Front panel adjustments for motor inductance and phase offsets
• Selectable step input format (Step & Direction, or CW & CCW)
• Internal power dump for regenerative applications
• Optional external power dump module (RPACK-1) available for large regenerative applications
• Integral thermal protection (shuts down at 70°C on heatsink)
•Interlocked motor connectors disable the drive if motor is disconnected duringoperation
• Front panel diagnostic indicators for power, regen, over temperature, over voltage,short circuit, open interlock, step signals being received, disabled, and fault condition
• Optically isolated fault output, to inform your motion controller of a fault condition
• PWM, three state current control reduces motor heating
• Isolated switch mode power amplifier is highly efficient and emits less EMI than mostdrives.
• Full short circuit protection of motor outputs prevents drive failure due to damaged ormis-wired motors
• AC power input, 85-135 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Internally fused power input
• Integral heatsink (1°C/Watt)
• Optional fan kit (-FK1 option) mounts to heatsink for high current or high ambienttemperature applications
• All connections on removable screw terminals for easy wiring
• Compact 2.5 x 9 inch footprint, 5.9 inches deep. Same size for single or dual-axisversions