HEIDENHAIN control system overview

A HEIDENHAIN control system with a modular inverter system typically consists of the following components:

• MC main computer, monitor, keyboard, and machine operating panel
• PLB 62xx FS or PLB 62xx system PL and PAE-H 08-00-01
• CC 3xx controller unit
• UVR 3xx power supply unit
• UM 3xx modular inverters
• KDR 3xx commutating reactor
• Line filter for the UVR 3xx
• Siemens SITOR gR or gS line fuse
• UP 3xx braking resistor module (if necessary)
• Surge protector (if necessary)
• SM 3xx voltage protection module (if necessary)
• CMH 3xx capacitor module (if necessary)
• Shielded motor power cables
• Feed and spindle motors

The Gen 3 drives are notable for the following features:
• Higher peak and nominal currents with a more compact enclosure
• Fast Gbit HSCI communication all the way to the UVR 3xx power supply unit, for greater flexibility and improved diagnostics
• Digital HFL (HEIDENHAIN Fiber Link) cable for control of the inverters, for faster and interference-free data transfer
• Contiguous bus mounting for supply voltages (DC link, 24 V),allowing for very simple wiring and any arrangement or sequence of the power supply unit, power modules, controller unit, and main computer
• Hybrid connector for the connection of motor phases, the brake,and the shield with a single connecting element
• New, miniaturized connector technology for the connection of purely serial EnDat encoders