Harmonic RH-14-3002-E100DO Drive Key Features

RH Mini Series is a DC servo actuator that incorporates our Harmonic Drive® precision gears, a high performance brush DC servomotor and an incremental encoder. Used in highly demanding industrial servo systems, they provide precision motion control and high torque capacity in very compact packages.

The following uses "RH-14-3002-E100DO" to introduce the meaning:

RH(Type):RH Mini Series;

14(Size):5, 8, 11, 14;

30:Output shaft rated rotational speed (rpm);

02(Rated output W):RH-5, RH-8 x 1(W) RH-11, RH-14 x 10(W);

E(Option symbols):E-Incremental Encoder;

100(Encoder resolution):100-1000p/r,036-360p/r;

D(Encoder power supply):A:+5V B:+12V D:+5~12V(only with "O" output type);

O(Encoder output type):O-Open Collector type, L-Line Driver type.