GE Fanuc VMIVME4140 Specifications and Features

THE VMIVME4140 is a GE Fanuc 32-Channel 12-bit Analog OutputBoard,The following is the Specifications and Features of the product.

32 analog output channels,10mA maximum output current per channel-One 12-bit D/A converter (DAC) per output channel;

0.8Ω output impedance

Random update (nonscanning)

Software or external synchronous update of double-bufferedoutputs

Single reference potentiometer-no other manual calibrationrequired;

Automatic calibration initiated by reset or by softwarecommand;

Unipolar (0 to +10V, 0 to +5V, 0 to +2.5V) or bipolar (±2.5, ±5re or mass-terminated cables;

nected from the field for offlinen slots-self-testingand ±10V) software selectable;

Discrete wiSelf-test-Extensive onboard diagnostic testing capability-Outputs can be discon-PMC expansio;

Front panel status LED;

Front panel analog output connector;

Front panel reference voltage access;

Applications-Data acquisition systems-Control systems-Precision analog stimulus-Automatic test equipment (ATE).