Functional power features of the TVD1.3-15-03

The TVD1.3-15-03 is INDRAMAT TVD 1.3 Power,Let's understand below Functional power features of the TVD 1.3:

Connected load:The TVD 1.3 can be operated with power systems of 3 x AC 380..480V,50...60Hz without a transformer. Additional auxilary units are offered (NAM1.3..) which suppress reactions on the power system.

Power shutdowns by internal contactors:The contactor to shut down power to the power system of the drives is an integrated component of the TVD 1.3.

Internal DC bus dynamic braking:Motors with permanent magnetic fields can be braked to a standstill by the DC bus dynamic brake in the event of fault conditions in the drive electronics.

How the drive system responds to a power failure:
can be programmed by inserting an external jumper:
– without a jumper, the drives brake at maximum torque
– with a jumper, a signal via a potential-free contact is transmitted to the NC control unit which can then brake the drives controlled to a standstill.
Costly tools and workpieces are thus protected against damage.

Regulated DC bus voltage:Drive dynamics maintained with mains undervoltage.

Charging current limit of the DC bus capacitors:The inrush current does not have to be taken into consideration when selecting the switching devices of the power system. This extends the service life of these devices.

Extreme load capabilities of the control voltage:Up to ten drive modules can generally mounted to one supply module.

Easy to service:The signal leads are connected via plug-in screw clamps.

Two different power stages available:The supply module TVD 1.3 is available with a continuous DC bus power of 7.5 kW or 15 kW. This means that the power supply can be optimally matched to the requirements of the respective application.

Overload capabilities of the TVD 1.3:The TVD 1.3 can overloaded for a short duration for the purpose of accelerating feed and main drives.
The maximum possible acceleration power, as relates to the duration of acceleration, is outlined in the section "Overload Capabilities of the TVD 1.3".
The values found there must be taken into account during project planning and may not be exceeded.

UL Registered:The device is made according the UL-Standard.