FRN30PR5-2 series system components

The FRN30PR5-2 is FUJI FRENIC5000MS5 Driver,The following is the series system components:

FRENIC5000MS5 series consists of two series: The M5 series, which uses torque-vector control without sensors, and thehigh-performance V5 series, which uses vector control with sensors. Each of the series includes units and spindle motors.


(1) Converter unit

A converter unit supplies the main electric power to the drive units.

When using a converter unit, select either a dynamic braking converter unit which consumes braking energy in a braking resistor, or aregenerative braking converter unit which feeds the braking energy back to the power supply line.

One converter unit can supply the main power to two or more drive units if the total output of the drive units does not exceed theconverter unit output rating.

(2) Drive unit

A drive unit receives the main electric power from a converter unit to drive the spindle motor.

When using a drive unit, select either an M5 drive unit or a V5 drive unit. The M5 drive unit performs torque-vector control withoutspeed feedback, while the V5 drive unit uses a speed feedback for high-performance vector control.

(3) Package type drive unit

In this unit, the functions described in items (1) and (2) above are incorporated. When using this type, use either an M5 package typedrive unit for torque-vector control without speed feedback, or a V5 package type drive unit for high-performance vector control using aspeed feedback.

Only the dynamic braking type unit is available.