FMD-2AC-21A FRENIC5000 Series Using with LineInverter Changeover Operation

FMD-2AC-21A is Fuji Frenic 5000 Inverter,Let's understand FRENIC5000G11S/P11S Series Using with Line/Inverter Changeover Operation Advantages:

1. Switching from line operation to inverter operation enabled without stopping the motor

When switching from line operation to inverter operation, the inverter outputs a frequency equivalent to the rotating speed of the motor. Then the operation can be automatically and smoothly changed to the desired frequency.

2. A built-in timing relay for switching command to the inverter operation circuit

Proper timing for breaking/closing the magnetic contactor for main circuit switching from line to inverter operation had to be set externally. However, by a switching command relay being built-in the inverter, the circuits can be easily configured including interlock circuits.

3. Unnecessary to resort to any special soundproofing measures; Fuji inverter drives a motor with silent motor sound.

We have succeeded in eliminating most of the unpleasant motor sound that usually comes from the motor which is driven by the inverter. The sound levels are comparable to those of commercial power sources.