FC98-NX FC-20X Basic product function

Our factory supplies various NEC Industrial Factory Computer in stock,Below is the basic function of FC98-NX FC-20X series products:

Equipped with advanced CPU, the FC-28V is equipped with Intel® Pentium® 4 processors (2.80GHz), and the FC-20X is equipped with Intel® Celeron® processors (2.0GHz). The memory capacity is up to 2GB (standard 256MB).
The capacity of various file devices fixed disk drive is 80GB. The CDR/RW with DVD-ROM drive is also available for the CD-ROM drive (selected in the selection menu). In addition, two compact flash® cards can be
installed as an option, and one of the cards can be used as a remove disc (FC-CF002R) and silicon disk drive (FC-SD1K / FC-SD4K). We are preparing. Equipped with high -speed communication compatible Gigabit Ethernet
interface. In addition, a LAN board (1000BASE-T: FC-UG-X008) is provided as an option. In addition, USB2.0 interface with high -speed transfer mode is also standard equipment.