FC-E21A series Installation environmental conditions

FC-E21A/DL205P is the Nec factor computers,In order to use the FC-E21A series safely and stably, and use it in the installation environment conditions below to prevent damage to customers.

Please note that if you use it in an incorrect installation environment, it may cause the FC-E21A series body and system malfunction and failure, and in some cases it may cause electric shock, smoke, and fire.

In the FA environment, it may cause malfunction, so it is necessary to use it with sufficient consideration for the following installation environment conditions.

The installation environment conditions of the "model with power supply with UPS function" are different, so please refer to "Specifications of the model with power supply with UPS function".

Corrosive gas: Not JEITA IT-1004 Class A
Shock resistance * 7 (3 times in XYZ directions): Powered 19.6m/s2, non -energized 98m/S2
Power supply voltage * 8: AC100-240V +10% -15% (AC85-264V)
Power frequency: 50/60Hz ± 3Hz
Power noise: 1KVP-P 50NS to 1μs pulse
Insulated resistance value: 20mΩ (DC 500V)
Insulated resistance: AC1.5kv 1 minute
Leakage current: 1ma or less
Static electricity resistance: 6kV (contact discharge), 8KV (air discharge) EN61000-4-2 LEVEL3
Instant power outage: 30ms or less (at rated voltage)
Land: D type