FC-35D Advanced power and excellent expandability

NEC Industrial Factory Computer:Model configuration that matches the application
Two models are available: WindowsNT® Workstationver4.0 pre-installed model (FC-35DMODELSN) * and OS not attached models (FC-35DMODELSB) with network interface (100BASE-TX/10BASET) as standard equipment. You can choose the model according to the OS and usage environment you will use.

Powerful processing capacity by high -speed CPU
The CPU adopts Pentium®Ⅱ processor (350MHz) and is a system bus 100MHz. Second cache is 512KB as standard. The Users Memory adopts SDRAM (with ECC function) that speeds up the memory continuous access to the CPU clock, with 64MB (FC-35DMODELSN) or 32MB (FC-35DMODELSB) as standard, up to 768MB. You can extend to. In addition, the 128 -bit window accelerator with a video acceleration function is also standard equipment. It can also support Windows NT ® and Windows ® 98.

Advanced expandability
Various interface boards and extension slots for PIO boards, which are indispensable for FA/LA applications, are standard on PCI x 1, ISA x 1, PCI/ISA x 4 (full size support). It is possible to build a system that matches user. The keyboard/mouse interface also supports PS/2 interfaces in addition to USB.

Various files composition with excellent flexibility
You can freely select the optimal file configuration according to the usage environment, usage, and data volume. Floppy Disc drive: 3.5 -inch floppy disc drive of 3 mode (1.44MB/1.2MB/720KB) is equipped with one drive standard. HDD-only drive bay: Fixed disk drive (2GB: FC-HD2000HS) or silicon disk drive (40MB: FC-SD40HS) can be implemented. Silicon disks have no mechanical movements in file access and are less likely to be affected by temperature and vibration, further improving their environment. Front access type drive bay: Fixed disk drive (2GB: FC-HD2000HF) or mirroring disk knit (2GB: FCMD2000HF) with improved operability. File Bay: By installing an optional HD adapter (FC9821XA-E01R), you can implement a mirroring disc unit (2GB: FC-9801-MD3) (Note 1). In addition, a commercially available 5-inch size file device such as a CD-ROM drive can be implemented.