FAQ of Allen-Bradley MPL-A420P-HJ72AA servo motor

MPL-A420P-HJ72AA is Allen-Bradley MP Series Low Inertia servo motor,Rockss Automation Long-term supply of related industrial electrical spare parts.

Share three points below FAQ of MPL-A420P-HJ72AA:

1.What is the encoder pre-installed with the MPL-A420P-HJ72AA?

The MPL-A420P-HJ72AA is pre-installed with a 2000 Line count incremental encoder.

2.Does the integral encoder support Hiperface protocol?

No. The encoder installed does not support hiperface.

3.What is the appropriate shaft seal for use with the MPL-A420P-HJ72AA?

Compatible shaft seal is MPL-SSN-A4B4.