FAQ of Allen-Bradley 1398-DDM-019 Ultra100 drive

1398-DDM-019 is Allen-Bradley Ultra100 Series digital servo drives.Rockss Automation Long-term supply of various series of Allen-Bradley servo drivers.

Let's share below FAQ of 1398-DDM-019:

ask:What is the transformer size?
The minimum transformer size of 1398-DDM-019 is 4 kVA while the maximum size is 100 kVA.

ask:What is the fuse size of 1398-DDM-019?
answer:The fuse size of 1398-DDM-019 is 20 A.

ask:What is the operating temperature range of the 1398-DDM-019?
answer:The 1398-DDM-019’s operating temperature is 1398-DDM-019 -5ºC to 55ºC (23ºF to 131ºF).

ask:What is the continuous output power and current of the 1398-DDM-019?
answer:The 1398-DDM-019’s continuous output current and power are 10 A and 2.0 kW,respectively.

ask:What is the input voltage requirement of the 1398-DDM-019 to operate?
answer:The 1398-DDM-019 input supply voltage is 100 to 240V AC RMS nominal (88 to 265 Volts),single phase.

1.What is the input supply voltage requirement of the 1398-DDM-019?
The 1398-DDM-019 operates at an input supply voltage of 100-240VAC, 1-Phase with voltage range of 88-265 VAC along an input frequency of 47-63 Hz.

2.Does the 1398-DDM-019 come with a DeviceNet communication port?
No. It only has an RS232 / RS485 communication interface.

3.What are the control modes available to the 1398-DDM-019?
The 1398-DDM-019 is capable of Torque, velocity and position control.