FAQ of 2094-BC07-M05-S Module

2094-BC07-M05-S is a Allen-Bradley Integrated Axis Module,Rockss Automation Long-term supply of high-quality second-hand and brand new Allen-Bradley Industrial control products.

2094-BC07-M05-S is a part of the Allen Bradley Drive under Kinetix 6000, Let's share below FAQ of 2094-BC07-M05-S:

What are the recommended control input fuse and circuit breaker for the 2094-BC07-M05-S?

The recommended fuse and circuit breaker is Bussmann fuse FNQ-R-10 (10 A) or FNQ-R-7.5 (7.5 A) and Circuit breaker 1492-SPM2D060 or 1492-SPM1D150 respectively.

What is the input voltage range of the 2094-BC07-M05-S?

The input voltage requirement of the 2094-BC07-M05-S is 324-528V rms three- phase with 360-480V nominal.

What is the rated output power of the 2094-BC07-M05-S?

Rated output power range is 71-226 Watts.