FAQ for Allen-Bradley 2097-V33PR3

2097-V33PR3 is Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 servo drive,it exhibits a 4.5 lb*in (0.5 N*m) Torque Value, 5.7 Amperes Continuous Output Current (0-peak), 39 Watts Power Dissipation, and Safe Torque-Off feature.

FAQ for 2097-V33PR3

Can I operate this Kinetix drive with input voltage of 480VAC?

No. This kinetix drive is only rated for 80-132VAC, 1-phase, 80-264VAC, 1-Phase and 80-264VAC, 3-Phase.

What are integrated safety pictures of the 2097-V33PR3?

The 2097-V33PR3 has a built-in Safe Torque-off feature, Overvoltage and short- circuit protection.

Up to what SIL level is being complied by the 2097-V33PR3?

It complies with ISO 13849-1 PLd/SIL2.