FAQ for 2198-CAPMOD-2240 Kinetix 5700 module

The 2198-CAPMOD-2240 is an Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 component module.

FAQ for 2198-CAPMOD-2240:

1. What is the rated capacitance of the 2198-CAPMOD-2240?

The 2198-CAPMOD-2240’s rated capacitance is 2240.

2. Can I install multiple capacitor module in a single Kinetix 5700 system assembly?

Yes. Multiple instances of 2198-CAPMOD-2240 is allowed.

3. What is the physical dimension of the 2198-CAPMOD-2240?

The 2198-CAPMOD-2240 measures 358 mm (14.09 in) (H) x 55 mm (1.08 in) (W) x 253 m (10.0 in) (D).

1. What are the LED status indicators available to the 2198-CAPMOD-2240?

The 2198-CAPMOD-2240 has DC bus and Module bus indicator LEDs.

2. Does the 2198-CAPMOD-2240 support zero stacking installation?

Yes. The 2198-CAPMOD-2240 supports zero stacking installation.

3. What is the maximum number of 2198-CAPMOD-2240 that can be installed to a Kinetix 5700 system?

The number of 2198-CAPMOD-2240 installation is limited only by the available space of the enclosure.