ESA-Y5240A23-21 type drive unit each part name

Let's share below ESA-Y5240A23-21 type NSK drive unit each part name:

①7-segment LED.

②CN1 (9pin) RS-232C Specifications Serial Communication Connect the handy terminal FHT11 sold separately.

③CN2 (25pin) Motor control signal input/output connector (I/O).

④CN3 (15pin) Connect a resolver cable dedicated to resolver cable resolver cable.

⑤No. Serial No. Plate.

⑥Type Call number plate.

⑦TB power input terminal plate.

⑧FUSE1, 2 Fuse holder.

⑨CN4 Motor Cable Connect a connector dedicated motor cable.

⑩Speed waveform monitor terminal.

⑪CN5 (37pin) Motor control signal input/output connector (I/O2).

⑫analog monitor terminal.

⑬VR1 analog input offset adjustment bolium for adjustment.