Description of Allen-Bradley 1394-SJT05-C

The Allen-Bradley 1394-SJT05-C is a standard GMC System module that functions similarly with 1394C-JST05-L.The input requirements for this system module are 3-Phase,380/460 Volts,with 50/60 Hz frequency,and current of 6.5 amperes.The output voltage of this system module is 530/680V DC along a continuous power output of 4/5 kilowatts with peak power of 28 kW.The continuous current output is 7.36 A and peak current of 15.0 amperes.

This module is compatible with Allen-Bradley secondary protection device with part number 1492-CB3-H300.Up to Four (4) axis modules may be configured using any combination of combination of AM03 and AM04.Combination of AM03, AM04,and AM07 may also be used however,this system module does not support more than Two (2) AM07 axis module.Other combination of axis module is not recommended and may result to false tripping during power up caused by an increased inrush current.

The rated power dissipation of this system module are 66 Watts @ 20%, 70 Watts @ 40 Watts,73 Watts @ 60% 77 Watts @ 80% and 80 Watts @ 100% Power output. This system module dissipates an additional power.The maximum additional dissipation is 200 Watts while most applications use less than 10% of the capacity.

An equivalent parameter definition must be set within the servo system.This system module must be declared correctly by accessing parameter [System Type] to define the catalog number of system module. This definition is specifically accessed through Parameter 14,Parameter Group Configuration,Option No.1 1394-SJT05-C.