Common Alarms for the Mitsubishi MR-S11 and MR-S12

Our factory supplies various Mitsubishi Servo Drives in stock,We also provide technical services, the following sharing Common Alarms for the MR-S11 and MR-S12

Alarm Code 10(Under Voltage):A drop of voltage has been detected of the 3 phase 200/220 VAC,Verify incoming power phase to phase as well as to ground、Monitor incoming for any instantaneous power failures;

Alarm Code 30(Over Regeneration):Overheating of regeneration resistor is detected; repeated power cycling can cause this resistor to burn,Verify servo parameter ORT; 4680=regen resistor absent, 3010=regen resistor present、Verify accel/decel times; attempt to increase if needed;

Alarm Code 32(Overcurrent):Overcurrent has been detected flowing through the drive unit,Check cables for poor insulation、Perform mogohm test on motor (see video for a how-to)、Use "output Module Testing" to verify modules、Check for ground faults;

Alarm Code 46(Motor Overheat):The thermal protector in the motor has been activated,Check if motor is hot; attempt to reduce load、Verify cable connections、See link to manual below for extra troublshooting steps;

Alarm Code 54 Amp Overload(MR-S12 only):Current detected exceeded set level while operated beyond a definitive time,Reduce load, if applicable、Verify servo parameter MTY matches motor requirement、See full alarm list, page 25 of manual, for further steps;

Alarm Code 55 Emergency:The terminals B and R, which were short circuited, are open,Check between terminals B and R for continuity、Verify incoming power is not below operating specs、Check continuity of main contactor in drive for continuity.