The CDN49x product line(CDN491) provides high density, compact and economical I/O solutions forpopular CAN and DeviceNet™ Fieldbus Networks. A variety of models are available with amix of digital I/O, analog inputs, and analog outputs. These robust I/O cards are at home infactory automation and process applications. For a complete solution, these cards areintegrated into customer or MKS designed assemblies for a best-fit solution to any highdensity I/O requirement. Cards are physically compliant to 3U CPCI. To ensure an idealinstallation fit, final signal distribution is available through high density D-sub connectors,or any customer requested method. Specific attributes of the CDN49x configurations include:

Fieldbus:CAN and DeviceNet™ Networks

DIDO:48 digital I/O points (optically isolated), each can be used as either an inputor an output

Combo:Combination of 24 digital I/O points, 8 analog input points, and 8 analogoutput points

AIAO:32 analog input points and 16 analog output points

Feat ur es & B enef it s:

•High density analog, digital, orcombination of field I/O points in acompact and economical package

•Flexible integration into existing or newDeviceNet networks

•Semi SIG compliant DeviceNetobject models

•Digital I/O points individuallyconfigurable for input or output

•Each digital output can be read back asan input to verify signal integrity

•All outputs forced to safe state whenpower degrades or networkcommunication is lost

•Analog input points are single-ended,12-bit resolution, configurable for 0-10Vor ±5V input ranges per channel

•Analog output points are single-ended,12-bit resolution, ±10V output range

•Easy to install and configure

•Rotary switches for network addressand jumpers for data rate; also can beset via backplane

•Standard NET and MOD bicolor statusLED indicators, plus model-specific I/Ostatus LED indicators

•Network communication is isolated fromall I/O

•High density 110 pin I/O connector, CPCIJ2 compliant