Applied Materials P5000 PECVD Description

Applied Materials (AMAT) P5000 PECVD & Etch Back, 150mm Powers Up Working

-Mark II Mainframe, 21 Slot VME

-Qty 3 PECVD Chambers (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Disposition).

-Qty 1 Etch-Back

-Wafer Size 150mm

-Includes Hot Box, with Ampules

-Fully populated gas panel

-Processes (oxide, nitride, teos, sih4)

-Includes vacuum pumps, dry type, ebara

-Includes AMAT heat exchanger

-Includes Neslab chiller

-Includes Ozone Generator

-Includes Remote Frame with Qty 3 ENI OEM RF generators

We can sell P5000 Equipment disassembly accessories and various board cards,0100-00396, etc.