Applications of the variants 6DL3100–8AC

The extension of the AddFEM with DPV1 services is particularly suitable to supplyfront end functions (FEF) with parameter data as required (acyclically). With thisextension configuration changes can also be carried out during running operation(Configuration in RUN). CiR allows the AddFEM to be reparameterized in order, forexample, to activate unused channels or to reparameterize channels already usedfor spare–part applications when a sensor with a different specification is used. It isfurthermore possible to signals alarms with an implicit acknowledgment mechanism. This functionality can be used by front–end functions.

The variant 6DL3100–8AC (DPV1 slave) supports DPV1 services in accordancewith IEC 61158, Part 3–6. The DP master must naturally also fulfill these requirements (refer to the documentation of the DP master).

The variant 6DL3100–8AC accepts the PrmCommand for changing over the communication redundancy (changeover between DPV1 Channel A and DPV1ChannelB) in accordance with PROFIBUS Guideline 2.212 and makes the redundancy status available as a diagnosis.