Application example for 07KT98 input and output

ABB WT98 07KT98 is a wind power plc controller,The following illustration shows an application example in which different possibilities for wiring inputs and outputs are used.
  Please observe in particular:
  The earthing measures
  The handling of the electrically isolated input groups
  The handling of the electrically isolated output groups
  The connection of shielded analog cables
  The earthing of the switch-gear cabinet mains socket
  The 24 V DC supply voltage is connected via a 5-poledetachable screw-type terminal block.
  Please take also into consideration that supply voltageswhich are looped through are disconnected for the following devices when the plug is withdrawn.If higher currents are to be conducted without interruptionpossibility, the two wires for M have to be connected under the same terminal. The same applies for L+.