Analyze the development characteristics of Xi'an semiconductor industry

Compared with the emerging industrial cities of the coast, the advantage of Xi'an is that integrated circuit companies are closer to the application markets of energy, modern agriculture, high -end equipment, new materials, aerospace and national defense military industry. The major institute is closer to the country's urgent need to have the convenience of understanding the application of the industry, and has the unique advantages of cooperation and innovation in enterprises and institutions.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, Xi'an has formed subdivided industries such as integrated circuits, smart terminals, electronic components, new display, photoelectric chips, and new electronic materials, and gathered thousands of upstream and downstream enterprises.

The entire Xi'an semiconductor industry is divided into several layers:

As the upstream link of the industrial chain, IC design brings together many well -known enterprises in Xi'an. At present, Xi'an has attracted more than 120 semiconductor design companies such as ZTE Keris, Huawei, Ziguang Guoxin, Taklewei, etc. These enterprises have important influence in the country and even the world. Many areas such as networking. It is worth mentioning that Xi'an's IC design level has reached the international advanced level, and the most cutting -edge design has reached 7nm process, and at the same time, the SOC chip design and development of the 10nm industrial platform is underway.

In the midstream link of the industrial chain, IC manufacturing companies play an important role. Xi'an has 8 companies including Samsung, Xiyue Electronics, Wei Guang, and Pai Rui in terms of wafer manufacturing. The size of Samsung ranks first among the national wafer manufacturing industry. The wafer manufacturing technology of these enterprises has reached the leading level in China. The highest technology products are 12 -inch 14nm memory.

As for the downstream links of the industry chain, Xi'an brought together 13 IC packaging companies, such as Samsung, Huatian, Licheng, Huayi, etc. In addition, Xi'an also has 10 testing and analysis centers. It is worth mentioning that Huatian is ranked sixth in the world and ranks third in China. Its products cover multiple fields such as integrated circuit packaging, advanced sensor packaging, power devices and smart power modules.

In terms of supporting industry, more than 70 companies including Yisi, Polytechnic Crystal, Tangjing quantum, and Geely Electronics are provided to provide key support services for the entire semiconductor industry chain. In addition, the industrial chain support of core enterprises such as Samsung has formed a scale effect, providing strong support for the further development of Xi'an semiconductor industry.